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The Panjim Pier

Goa is more than just a world-class tourist destination. It is an experience for the soul. From the backpacker who wants to explore, the urban cubicle-dweller who wants to getaway and the honeymooner who is looking for some romance to even the hedonistic hippie in the quest for nirvana, each one can paint a different picture of this tiny slice of paradise tucked away in a cosy corner of India’s gorgeous Konkan coastline.

While the rest of India is busy trying to keep up with the maddening rat race, Goa, much like its relaxed habitants, has set its own sweet pace for everyday life. Not so surprisingly, there is even a word for this Goan way of life – susegad. Roughly translated as laidback, this word of Portuguese origin, pretty much defines the art of relaxed contentment, that Goans seems to have mastered.

Sunset at Baga, Goa

In fact, it is this easy-breezy way of life, a legacy that Goa has inherited from its 500-year-old Portuguese ancestry, blending with the exoticism of heritage, that makes this state so enigmatic to travellers from across the globe – It’s the perfect love child of East-meets-West story.

Goa is an explosion of experiences. The tropical sun, sand and skies, lush green fields and plantations, inviting pristine beaches, ancient churches, quaint old villas, meandering rivers, lipsmacking cuisine, languorous siesta hours, happy music, fun-filled festivities and not to forget, the friendly and warm people, makes Goa not just a perfect holiday destination, but an ideal place to be if you are in the mood for some soul-searching.

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