Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna was catapulted from a sleepy Goan village to an international hippie destination with the arrival of Eight Finger Eddie, an American hippie in the 60’s. But even though the days of the hippies are long gone, their spirit is very much part of Anjuna even now.

If you’re looking for pure scenic beauty then Anjuna doesn’t come close to it. The beach is rocky with huge blocks of rocks both at the shore and in the sea, the sand isn’t as soft as some of the South Goa beaches and the sunsets are as good as any, but, there is a but! What sets it apart from the rest is its hippie vibe. Ever since Eight Finger Eddie (an American Hippie) landed on the shores of Anjuna in the 60’s and made it his home, Anjuna has been the most ‘interesting’ beach in Goa. The hippies are all but gone but what they left behind is the unique Anjuna culture. The ‘live-and-let-live-vibe’ is freakishly evident here. The beach isn’t resounding with the cacophony of hawkers, neither is it buzzing with water sports operators (apart from the occasional ones offering boat rides to Baga). There aren’t more beach beds here than actual people and you wouldn’t find yourself being hounded by eager shack boys hustling you into their shacks. On the contrary, at Anjuna, you’re on your own-a welcome isolation to just simply enjoy your holiday at your own pace and in your own space.

Any mention of Anjuna Beach is incomplete without talking about its Wednesday Flea market. What started out as a casual flea market by the hippies who wanted to barter their belongings for a passage home or to sustain their travels further, has now evolved into a mammoth open ground market with vendors coming in from all over the country and abroad. Funky trinkets, traditional bed spreads, ornate hair accessories, cotton tees, silver jewellery, Tibetan handicrafts and foods stalls thrive here every Wednesday. Be sure to reach early to grab super discounts because haggling is expected at the Anjuna Flea market.

That’s easily the most frequently asked question at Anjuna. Walk along the beach and it’s easy to spot where the party’s at. Most travelers tend to converge to the south of the beach at Curlies, the beach shack that’s been around long enough to be the hub of all things psychedelic or Shiva Valley that has its fair share of hosting the craziest parties year after year. And speaking of parties, Anjuna beach is (in) famous for its parties the energetic full moon trance parties, the hush hush black moon parties are an experience. But since these are rarely advertised, the best bet would be to ask around in the shacks and hopefully you’ll be luck to catch one.

Anjuna beach is the undisputed head quarters of Trance music. Some the most celebrated and legendary DJs have had their humble beginnings at this beach. And needless to say the trance parties at Anjuna are stuff that legends are made of. The music is easily accessible with most of the shacks playing it throughout the day and night and if you’re a trance novice then Anjuna is the ideal place to discover this genre.

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