Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach

Far from other hustle bustle of Goa’s crowded northern beaches, Arambol is a beautiful and secluded beach located about 50 km from Panaji. It comprises of two beaches, the bigger one being known as the Harmal beach. The second beach is smaller but even more secluded and private.

The Arambol beach is a vast stretch of golden sand interspersed with rocky cliffs looking over the beach. For paragliding enthusiasts these cliffs are ideal spots. Those interested in marine life can set out on Dolphin watching boat trips. A hot spring near the main beach, feeds into a freshwater lake which is believed to posses skin curative elements.

The nearby village of Arambol is a typical Goan fishing village with its friendly but non intruding inhabitants. Travellers who look for little privacy should visit the beach on weekdays because on rest of the days the beach becomes the hub of fun and frolic of local picnickers.

Image Credits: The rocks at Arambol - Morten Hammer

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