Ashvem Beach

Ashvem Beach

Down south of Arambol beach, the stretch of three beaches is called Ashwem. Unlike other beaches, this beach is quiet and an ideal place to relax and unwind. The wind-touched, white sandy stretch adds calms the worried mind and touches the soul. The long coastline of Ashwem is dispersed with palm groves providing green awning all along the shore.

Rocking partying begins at its hotspots from Christmas Eve and continues till January. One such hotspot at Ashwem, is Banyan Tree where psychedelic music works its magic on the swaying bodies of hardcore party goers. The long view of beautiful beach is interrupted only by a few huts and shacks which are used as accommodation or to cater some amazing Goan and continental food.  Ashwem beach is also the nesting place for the rare olive Ridley turtle. The nesting takes place between September to February which is also the peak tourist season of Goa.

Directions from Mapusa to Ashvem Beach on Google Maps.

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