Cola Beach

Cola Beach

Cola Beach is certainly one of Goa’s finest beaches, the sand is soft and the water clear. A few rocks in the sea here and there but otherwise a calm little beach with plenty of good swimming depth and hopefully an encounter with dolphins. And just when you think that it can’t get any better than this you’ll see the gorgeous freshwater lagoon that is as inviting as a softy on a hot humid day. It’s a bit like the freshwater lake in Arambol, only smaller and definitely cleaner. Also an absolute favorite of all the visitors here, the lagoon saw more swimmer action than the sea itself at Cola. A perfect spot to laze the day in an inflatable lounger!

If you are an adventurous soul, you will probably love to tell the tale of Cola Beach. While it’s not really as remote or out of the way as one would expect a secret beach to be, it’s definitely not an easy find. Very few know about it, even fewer talk about it, it’s a beach you won’t even find on the GPS. So all you have to rely on is gut feeling. Our journey to Cola was almost more exciting than the beach itself. As we drove through Goa’s heartland, its coastline, indulged in a quaint little ferry ride, climbed the ghats, came to a breathtaking plateau and then descended almost into the Arabian Sea, one thing was clear, that there was no easy way to reach this destination. But soon we were on the right ‘track’, a dirt road just off the main road to Agonda from the village of Cola that takes you right till the edge of the cliff. And there as we parked the car and got our gear out, what lay before us was the lovely sparkling waters of Cola beach. The journey doesn’t end there, because like a titillating mirage the beach beckons the unsuspecting soul until you realize that you still have to hike down a good 500 mtrs on a kucha trail until you finally land on the sands of Cola. And once here, we were in love!

An intimate escape Cola Beach is a recluse’s paradise, with little or no commercial activity happening on the beach (there aren’t any hawkers selling trinkets, or tattoo artists or masseurs doing the rounds on the beach beds) it’s the place to be if you are really looking to relax and unwind, rediscover and rejuvenate. The biggest plus point for Cola beach is that the crowd here is limited, possibly because most are put off by the journey itself or get lost in transition and end up at the more famous Agonda and Palolem. Fewer crowd means less commercialization, less noise and lesser hassles. While the partygoers may feel a bit disappointed those amongst us who prefer the sound of the sea and the wind in our hair will probably want to keep it a secret forever.

Image Credits: Cola Beach, by Nick Robinson

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