Mandrem Beach

Mandrem Beach

The Mandrem Beach in North Goa is one of Goa’s more scenic, less-crowded beaches. It lies between Morjim and Querim (Kerim). With the exception of the many sun lounges and beach huts dotting its shore, the Beach offers little shade.

Unlike most other beaches in Goa, this long stretch of sand shore has dunes. These dunes are always shifting and changing their shape and size. The low dunes at the Mandrem Beach make the place appear almost otherworldly in the shadow play of dawn and again at dusk.

You may be able to get a foot massage at the Beach from one of the local roving ‘mass urs’ while you relax on a lounger. You may also be accosted by hawkers selling souveni s. Make the Mandrem Beach one of the stops on a quiet day out with the family or friends. As a distraction, you can check out the usually off-limits Morjim beach to the south, one of the last nesting grounds of the olive ridley turtle.

Image Credits: Mandrem Beach, by Sarah

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