Mobor Beach

Mobor Beach

The Mobor Beach is one of the last Goan beaches to be discovered. It was really only after the construction of a number of hotel resorts in the area that the Mobor Beach started attracting the attention of vacationers and backpackers.

One of the most beautiful of South Goa’s beaches, the Mobor Beach is a quiet and clean place. The numerous shacks on the beach serve Goan cuisine, including freshly caught seafood. Besides regular beverages, some shacks even serve the Goan feni.

You can also take your pick of the many water sports available at the beach. Two wheelers can be hired to move around the Mobor Beach area. Affordable accommodation is available nearby. Margao, with its many transportation options, is the best place to start from to get here.

Image Credits: Mobor Beach, by Tahir Hasmi

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