Odxel Beach

Odxel Beach

The Odxel Beach near Dona Paula is situated about 10 kilometers from Panaji. The Beach is not mentioned on most, if not all, beach maps available in Goa. A picnic spot favoured by the locals, the Beach is today the site of some real estate development. The rocky terrain makes it unsuitable for swimming. The place is quite small, 200 meters or so in length. Some areas of the Beach fall within private property and may not be accessible. It has also been reported that some signboards on the Beach now discourage even stepping on to the Beach.

Do seek the advice of locals before venturing on to the Beach. Many couples have tied the knot at the small chapel that stands here. Since the Beach is isolated, there is nothing here in terms of dining or entertainment options. If you plan on visiting this Beach, make Dona Paula your base.

Image Credits: Odxel Beach, by Joe

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