Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach

Picture a beach of white sand, leading to the bluest of blue bays flanked by hill country. Welcome to South Goa’s Palolem Beach. Look to the north, and you can see small wooded islands that you can explore with the help of a local fisherman. Hungry for more? There are shacks on and near the beach to satisfy your craving for freshly caught seafood, souvenirs and very conspicuous beach casuals.

Weekends attract the most people to the Palolem Beach. If you want to avoid the crowds and the traffic, a lazy weekday evening is your best bet. A number of other water sports are available at the Beach besides swimming and a boat ride, including a rendezvous with friendly, playful dolphins. A train from Panaji (about 70 kilometres away) to Canacona brings you to just 3 kilometres from the picturesque Palolem Beach, which can also be reached from Margao (about 40 kilometres away) in a taxi, autorickshaw or bus.

Image Credits: Palolem Beach, by Ranga Krishna Tipirneni

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