Patnem-Colomb Beach

Patnem-Colomb Beach

If you want to get away from the increasingly popular and crowded Palolem beach, your first stop would be the Colomb or Colom Beach to the south. A small cove, the Colomb Beach is mostly rocky terrain. Although there’s nothing of interest on this Beach, the neighbourhood does have quite a few restaurants, serving mostly Indian food, and bars.

On the other hand, the Patnem Beach, about a kilometre long at best, lies to the south of the Colomb Beach itself. It is the southernmost developed Beach in Goa. Located between cliffs, the Patnem Beach is just a 25-minute walk away from the Palolem Beach.

There are a dozen or so restaurants on the beach. Most offer beach huts for rent. However, you might be able to find cheaper accommodation in the small Patnem village nearby. There are quite a few entertainment options available here. You may also be able to catch a very modest wave here if you are into surfing. Canoes and boats may be available for rent.

Image Credits: Patnem-Colomb Beach, by Aleksandr Zykov

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