Polem Beach

Polem Beach

The southernmost of Goa’s beaches, the Polem Beach is very near the state’s border with Karnataka. It lies about 30 kilometres from Chaudi, the commercial heartland of Canacona in South Goa. Protected by cliffs, so isolated and different is the place that you can’t help but feel that you are a long way away from Goa itself. This is not a beach for the thrill seeker.

The place is more suited to a quiet walk on the beach reflecting on basically nothing. The soft sand, blue sky and the nature lull you into a state of welcome peacefulness. Sightseeing is limited to spotting dolphins which seem to favour this quiet stretch of coastline most. You may be able to chat up a local fisherman and hire his boat to venture out into the sea. It’s recommended that you be fully self-sufficient and carry your own food and water if you plan to visit the beach


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