Siridao Beach

Siridao Beach

The Siridao Beach is situated between Goa Velha and Bambolim close to an estuary of the River Zuari, a few kilometers from Goa’s capital Panaji. It is also known by many other names, including Shiridon and Xiddona.

Cleaner, less crowded than you expect it to, the Beach is well-known for the many shells, including large conch shells, that one can find strewn around the place. The Siridao Beach is also home to a chapel dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth. Many people from around Goa visit this chapel, specially on the feast day in the first week of Easter.

If you are bored of swimming, the many water sports and the hospitality of the shacks and eateries on and near the Beach, head to the River Zuari nearby for a guided tour introducing you to the local crocodiles residing in and around the river and its mangroves. The village of Siridao too is worth a visit, not least for the legend of a Yeti-like creature, and the story of the priest who went missing inside the hollow walls of a local church.

Image Credits: Siridao Beach, by Joe

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