Utorda Beach

Utorda Beach

A tree-lined stretch of silver, the Utorda Beach is located in South Goa’s Salcete. It lies about 20 minutes away from Margao and less than 30 minutes away from the Dabolim airport. One of the most quietest, cleanest and beautiful beaches of Goa’s five dozen or so beaches, the Utorda Beach is also one of the few featuring low-lying dunes.

Accumulation of sand in certain sections of the stretch gives this gently sloping Beach a desert-like appearance. An almost complete absence of undercurrent makes the waters off this beach safe for swimming or just wading. Besides being a refuge from the sun and satisfying your hunger and thirst, a shack on this Beach can also arrange for affordable accommodation nearby. Barely frequented by tourists and vacationers, the Beach is an ideal place for an undisturbed walk. The famous Martins Corner, which calls itself “Goa’s Finest Restaurant”, is within easy reach of the Utorda Beach.

Image Credits: Utorda Beach, by Karl D'mello

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