A legacy of the 500 year long Portugal colonization, the churches of Goa are the perfect insight into its history. More than just places of worship, the churches in Goa are the hubs of the state’s social, cultural, spiritual and religious life. However, what has the tourists and devotees alike, pouring in to Goa in huge numbers year after year is the sheer beauty of Goa’s churches – magnificent, imposing and awe-inspiring, the ancient churches, that reflect the European architectural styles, are living heirlooms of Goa’s glorious past. Every street you turn, you can stumble upon a beautiful church. From simple mudhouse chapels, Neo-Roman masterpieces and Baroque designs to the striking white-washed facades that are reminiscent of old Portugal, the churches in Goa are architectural marvels in themselves. While the Basilica of Bom Jesus, a World Heritage Site, houses the preserved mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier, the breathtaking Sé Cathedral is a throwback to the 16th century. The sheer magnitude of The Church of Mary Immaculate Conception will leave any visitor in awe. It’s no surprise then that each of these churches, steeped in ancient legends and lores and the collective voices of a million prayers of modern day visitors, have an interesting story to tell.