Reis Magos Fort

Reis Magos Fort

The Reis Magos Fort is a few kilometers from Fort Aguada. It is a 16th century bastion constructed at the banks of the River Mandovi. The Fort takes its name from the nearby Reis Magos Church. In its long history, it served few masters but played many roles. Its first masters were Franciscan missionaries who had commissioned its construction in 1550 with monies granted them by the Portuguese.

Later, one of the uses the Portuguese put it to was as the temporary residence of dignitaries arriving in or leaving Goa. The Fort also bore the brunt of many an onslaught during the wars its Portuguese masters fought with the Marathas, who were never able to take it. Its defensive walls were studded with 33 cannons and the Fort also served as an important garrison. The Fort also served an English master, the British Army, from 1798 to 1813. It was last used as a prison.

Image Credits: Reis Magos Fort, by Lovell D'souza

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