Tiracol Fort

Tiracol Fort

The construction of the 17th-century Fort Tiracol was commissioned by the Maharaja of Sawantadi. It is situated at the confluence of the River Tiracol and the Arabian Sea. It is about 40 kilometres from Panaji in the northernmost part of Goa. It fell into the hands of the Portuguese viceroy in 1764, just 24 years before the assimilation of the entire Tiracol area into Portuguese Goa. It was briefly used by the Goa-born rebel viceroy Dr. Bernado Peres da Silva as the base for a failed rebellion against the Portuguese in 1825.

Perched on a hill, the Fort Tiracol is today a heritage hotel with two suites and five rooms named after the seven days of the week. The Fort has a 17th-century church dedicated to St. Anthony in its courtyard. The church is open to the public only on certain days, including the annual feast day.

Image Credits: Tiracol Fort, by Joe

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