Modi was also given a mandate by the nation and by Goa: Parrikar

PANJIM: “Country is bigger than State. If Nation requires me, I have to be there to serve them,” said Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, while agreeing to accept the party diktat to join the Union Cabinet.“I have too much attachment to the State but in the end Country is bigger than State. The interest of the country attends topmost importance,” the Chief Minister said when asked whether his decision to leave Goa would be akin to ditching the voters, who brought his party to power twice.He compared his feelings to the act of eating an ‘amar pico’ mango (mango ripened on the tree) – which is both ‘ambot’ (sour) and ‘sweet’. “If I have to leave Goa I will obviously be disturbed. I have been trying to push (this) away. There had been discussion about this very long back, but not recently,”He further said, “Mandate is also given to Modiji by the nation and so also by the State. So I will have to think about nation, with Goa as its part.”Parrikar, however, said that wherever required, he will be there to guide the new Chief Minister of the State. Herald Goa News

Source:: Goa News Online

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