Onion prices highest in Ponda

PONDA: Prices of onions, potatoes and tomatoes have remained high in comparison to other vegetables in Ponda market since the last few days.

According to information, there is no shortage of vegetables in Ponda market, as three truckloads of consignment is brought to Ponda market from the neighbouring states everyday. Onion prices were Rs 50 per kg, while tomatoes and potatoes were Rs 30 to 35 per kg respectively.

“There has been a rise of about Rs 10-20 on potatoes and tomatoes. Prices of onions have also been increased. We are given to understand that improper crop has resulted in the price rise,” said Sadguru Govenkar, a vegetable vendor from Ponda.

Added Ponda Budhwarpeth Vyapari Sanghtana President Shankar Naik, “Every day, three truckloads of vegetables, including potatoes, tomatoes and onions, are brought to the Ponda market. Though there has been a rise in vegetable prices, especially onions, potatoes and tomatoes, there is no shortage of these vegetables in the market.”

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