Soaring vegetable prices have consumers worried

PANJIM: Goan consumers see red over rising prices of greens due reduction in supply of veggies from across the State’s borders.

Cost of onions continues to bring tears to the eyes as prices have remained as high as Rs 60 per kg, in addition to rising cost of potatoes priced at Rs 40 per kg and tomatoes between Rs 30 and Rs 40.

Both in Panjim and Margao, vegetable vendors themselves are concerned over the shortage in supply of greens from Belgaum. According to one old timer in the Panjim market named Dessai, “The supply from Belgaum seems to have fallen by at least 20 per cent.” This vendor pointed out that a sack of onions costs them nothing less than Rs 3,500 to Rs 4,000.

Similarly, in Panjim, price of veggies are nothing less than Rs 40 a kg be it cauliflower, cabbage, French beans or capsicum. Other produce such as carrots, beet, turnips and chillies are reasonably priced even though the locally produced vegetables are also being sold at a higher rate than before.

Even at Margao’s Gandhi market which is the hub of vegetable vending, prices are high. Onions are priced between Rs 50-Rs 60 per kg, potatoes are Rs 35 per kg and tomatoes are Rs 40 per kg.

Poolan Sani who sits in the vegetable depot at the SGPDA market in Margao said, “At times we are not sure whether we will get enough to sell as the demand has increased considerably.”

There seems to be no respite in rising prices of vegetables and the shortage is adding to the woes. Vendors fear that with the tourism season picking up and many more festivities round the corner, the soaring vegetable prices would create a huge problem for both vendors and consumers.

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