Ashish Shirodkar tears into BJP, Cong manifestoes

Mapusa: Tearing into the manifestoes of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress for the Mapusa by-poll, Independent candidate Ashish Shirodkar, on Friday said that both the manifestoes are similar, and the promises mentioned in the manifestoes are being given for the last 10 years.
Shirodkar questioned as to how both the candidates, who have failed to address the Mapusa issues for the last so many years, will resolve them in two years’ time.
The Independent candidate, who was addressing the media persons in Mapusa, said, “The BJP and Congress candidates are talking about Ravindra Bhavan and theatre and claim that under Bodgeshwar Plaza Scheme, Ravindra Bhavan project will be taken up. This is being promised for the last seven-eight years. There is Hanuman Natyagruha, which could have been renovated as an alternative until Ravindra Bhavan is made ready.”
Speaking further, Shirodkar questioned the need for a bus stand of Rs 350 crore in Mapusa and said, “If there was willingness to take up the KTC bus stand it could have been done in six months’ time and work could have been started but they want a mall in the project, which would be next to Mapusa market.”
“I oppose the mall project in the bus stand project. After being elected I will start the work on KTC bus stand and will not allow a mall to come up there. We also don’t want multi-storied parking facility as on a flat area around 1,000 vehicles could be parked and it is sufficient,” he added.
Commenting on garbage treatment plant issue, Shirodkar said that “despite of having a land for the garbage plant at Cunchelim for the last six years, the councillors have failed to construct a compound wall, and garbage is being dumped at Ganeshpuri (Housing Board Colony) thereby inconveniencing the people there. After getting elected, I will stop dumping of garbage at Ganeshpuri and instead dump it at Cunchelim in six months’ time.”

Source:: The Navhind Times

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