Baina lake aquaculture project could be replicated in other parts of state: Nery



Minister for Water
Resources Filipe Nery Rodrigues has said that the aquaculture in the lake at
Sasmollem-Baina is an innovative pilot project and the same could be replicated
in other parts of the state if it succeeds.

Rodrigues was speaking
after reviewing the work on the aquaculture project at Sasmollem, Baina in the
presence of Urban Development Minister Milind Naik, Vasco MLA Carlos Almeida,
former MMC chairperson Deepak Naik, Jayant Jadhav and officials of the WRD.

Mentioning about the
aquaculture project, Rodrigues said, “The project at Sasmollem-Baina is taken
up on a pilot basis. The projects of this type will be taken up in other areas
of the state, if it is proved to have a scope.
We are doing conservation of water to treat it and use it for drinking
purpose. I can ask my department to examine the quality of water after
aquaculture is taken up to see what kind of fish can be bred here. The future
proposals are to have solar fountain submersible pumps and breeding of fish in
the tank.”

He praised Vasco MLA
Almeida for desilting the lake and for his suggestion to construct side walls.

“The installing of solar
aerators for oxygenation of the water body was aimed at increasing the storage
and recharging ground water,” he said.

He disclosed that solar
aerators would oxygenate the water to create healthy environment for fish and
other aquatic organisms.

“This will enable to
remove the odour and taste due to algae and gases and increase dissolved oxygen
content in the water,” informed Rodrigues.

The Minister for WRD
said that aquaculture is an innovative project and it has been taken up upon
the request of Vasco MLA Almeida.

MLA Almeida said that
various departments are involved in the aquaculture project such as fisheries,
WRD, Urban Development etc.

“This is the first time
we are taking up the project to recharge the groundwater. I am requesting the
authorities and municipality to stop people from discharging sewage into the
lake. We can breed fish that eat algae and weeds. The lake at Sasmollem-Baina
is beautiful, and I wanted to develop and beautify it to set an example for
others to follow,” said Almeida.

He also disclosed about
his plan to beautify Maimollem lake, which is visited by different types of

Earlier, Vasco MLA
Almeida launched works on sewerage network in three different areas of Vasco,
including near Ambabai temple at Mangor Hill, near State Bank of India and near
Urvashi Hotel. The projects are
estimated to cost Rs 2.20 crore.

Those present on the
occasion included Urban Development Minister Naik, former speaker of Goa
Legislative Assembly Rajendra Arlekar, ward councillor Pascoal D’Souza and

Source:: The Navhind Times

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