Bainguinim waste plant project runs into rough weather

PANAJI: The solid waste management plant proposed to be constructed at Bainguinim for treating the solid waste generated in the capital city has run into rough weather since the funds of ` 90 crore sanctioned by the central sanctioning and monitoring committee of the Union ministry of urban development under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, could now go back to the central government.
The Union ministry, responding to the detailed project report worth ` 96 crore as presented by the Corporation of the City of Panaji, for city solid waste management, had cleared an amount of ` 90 crore on February 25, 2014, just a couple of days before the election code of conduct for Lok Sabha election came into force.
Subsequently, the CCP had decided to hand over the tendering and execution process for the proposed Bainguinim plant to the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation as it had no technical expertise to handle the same.
The corporation got a rude jolt when it learnt that the GSIDC, without consulting the city councillors went ahead and submitted revised cost estimates of ` 130 crore as regards the proposed Bainguinim plant to the central government, which soon saw outright rejection.
A letter dated July 30, 2014 and written by under secretary of the Union ministry of urban development Ajit Kumar to principal secretary of the state government R K Srivastava stated that there is no mandate to consider new projects under the JNNURM, and the request of the Goa government for additional central assistance as regards the solid waste management project under the transition phase of the JNNURM cannot be acceded to.
The letter also asks the state government to resubmit the project for sanction under the new Urban Development Mission as and when launched, as the nine-year period of the mission, including two year extension period, ended on March 31, 2014.
Director of urban development Elvis Gomes confirmed that the GSIDC did send revised cost estimates to the Union ministry of urban development, but had no more information to share.
City mayor Surendra Furtado, on the other hand, said that since the new proposal with the revised cost estimates had replaced the old one, the fate of the already sanctioned funds of ` 90 crore is still unknown.
“We may just have lost this amount,” Furtado observed, informing that he would soon be leaving for New Delhi to find out the status of these funds.
The city mayor said that there is a clause in the agreement with the central government that the work linked to the funds as sanctioned for the city solid waste management under the JNNURM, should start within 17 months, from the date of sanctioning of the related amount.
“It is really sad that almost seven months have passed since the amount was sanctioned, and the work is yet to begin,” he noted. GSIDC managing director Sanjit Rodrigues, who is incidentally also the CCP commissioner, is presently out of Goa and was not available for comment.
The proposed integrated municipal solid waste treatment facility at Bainguinim will be based on recovery of recyclables, segregation of waste by organic extrusion technology, bio-methanation and in-vessel composting. The drawings along with the specification for this plant have already been prepared. The proposed facility has been designed to treat 100 metric tonne of waste per day.

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