Ban on use, sale of plastic bags comes into force in Rumdamol-Davorlim

MARGAO: Grocery shop owners, tea stall operators and gadda owners, on Monday, collectively welcomed the move of the village panchayat of Rumdamol-Davorlim to ban the use and sale of plastic bags in the panchayat area.
The panchayat announced the ban on plastic bags with an aim to put an end to the growing plastic menace in its area.
The panchayat distributed cotton bags to the households and highlighted the ill effects of plastic.
As this reporter visited the village and randomly asked the shop keepers, restaurant operators and general store owners to know their reaction on the panchayat’s move of banning the plastic bags, most of them said that they welcome it and few of them even said that they had alerted their customers a day or two in advance about the ban on plastic bags.
“The panchayat has taken a bold step. We all need to support the move of banning the plastic bags. However, I strongly feel that the source of it – manufacturing has to be stopped. I attended at least ten customers in the morning, all of them had brought their cotton bags or carried the items covering it in paper. This is a good sign indeed,” commented Kunal Vernekar, owner of a general store located meters away from the panchayat office.
A woman, who runs a tea stall in the village, Sunandha Naik adds that the ban on plastic bags will benefit them.
“We had to give the plastic bags free of cost. This will stop now and the people will now make it a habit to carry their own bags. Kudos to the panchayat body,” she added.
The gadda owners, and fruit and vegetable sellers too saw positive side of it.
They opined that the ban has to be implemented in all the panchayat areas and added that the government has to play an important role in it.
A shopkeeper, however, said that the panchayat took the decision without taking them into confidence.
“There are many shop owners who have purchased the plastic bags in bulk. We do not know what to do with it now,” he added.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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