Bhembre bats for GSM’s Velingkar

Panaji: A good person, who strictly follows principles
and has an inclination for social work can make a lot of difference in the
Assembly even if he is alone, said Uday Bhembre, a writer and former editor of
Konkani daily ‘Sunaparanta’.

Bhembre was speaking on the occasion of start of GSM
rally near Mahalaxmi temple in the city, where around hundred voters were
present. He appealed to the people to vote for the GSM candidate Subhash
Velingkar and elect him to bring about a change in Panaji.

“Previously, good persons were shying away from joining
politics, so, we have persons in politics with bad image who lack principles
and inclination for social work. But now it is time for good people to join
politics and make a difference,” he said.

Earlier in the evening, Goa Suraksha Manch (GSM) took out
a rally from Mahalaxmi temple in the city at around 4.15 pm with motorcycle
taxi pilots in front followed by private vehicles hoisting the saffron flags.

GSM nominee for Panaji by-poll Velingkar, who was peeping
through the sunroof, waved at the members of the public.

The rally was taken out amidst shouting of slogans
‘Velingkar tum aage bado… Ham tumhare saath hain,’ ‘Bharat Mataki Jai’ and ‘Goa
Suraksha Manch Zindabad.’

While proceeding towards Corporation Bank building and
Church Square, a jeep in the rally played a recoded speech of Velingkar.

A jeep with a police squad was closely following the
rally, as recently, clashes were reported following arguments between the
supporters of BJP and GSM at Ribandar during the door-to-door campaigning.

The rally after moving through
Cortin-Mala-Bhatulem-Altinho-St Inez-Goa Fire and Emergency
Services-Tonca-Miramar road, reached Lake View Colony, and Kala Academy and
then moved along 18th June Road and took a turn from Hindu Pharmacy and went to
Old Secretariat and then to Ribandar via the causeway. It then proceeded along
the Ribandar Patto-Fondvem-St Pedro-Fondvem-Ribandar-Patto-Divja Circle-D B
Bandodkar road-Kala Academy-St Inez signal-Palacio de Goa-Hotel-Manoshanti road
and returned back to Mahalaxmi temple.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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