BJP-led govt attempting to suppress voice of Mahila Congress: Pratima

The president of Goa Pradesh Mahila Congress Pratima Coutinho, on Wednesday, refuted the allegations levelled against her by various complainants that she disclosed the identities of victims of molestation and sexual abuse.
Coutinho said that the cases were fabricated and it was an attempt of the BJP-led government to suppress the voice of Mahila Congress.
“Nowhere we have revealed the identity of the victims. In one of the cases, the victim girl willingly came before media as she wanted to set an example for other women. And in another case, we had met the victim inside her house,” said Coutinho, defending herself and the Mahila Congress.
“As far as the allegation of sharing the picture of a victim’s mother on social media was concerned it was unintentional, it was a random click in which her daughter, the victim, isn’t there,” she added.
Interestingly, Coutinho has lashed out at the chairperson of Goa State Commission for Women (GSCW) Subhalaxmi Naik, who is one of the complainants.
“A delegation of Mahila Congress members had visited the Goa State Commission for Women on July 4 to appeal for help in connection with case of an unwed mother, who was cheated by her boyfriend. It was Naik who asked the victim girl to share the pictures of the accused with the media,” said Coutinho, adding that, Naik appreciated the work of the Mahila Congress and wondered what transpired GSCW to file a complaint against her.
Coutinho alleged that the organisation and the government institution, which have filed complaints against her were pressurised by the government to suppress the voice of the Mahila Congress as it has gained the trust of the people.
“Today, people think twice before approaching government machinery for justice. They feel that if they take our help to approach government agencies, justice will be delivered. I would like to question as to where these NGOs were when BJP’s state women wing president Sulakshana Sawant said the government cannot provide security to every individual,” she stated.
Earlier in the day, addressing a press conference in Panaji, the general secretary of the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee Sankalp Amonkar said that the party would rally behind the Mahila Congress and would continue to fight for the people of the state.
The Congress questioned the police department and the government as to what have they done to the complaint filed by the party against BJP leaders for threatening to attack GPCC president Girish Chodankar on social media.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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