Cancer claiming over 900 lives every year in Goa

PANAJI: Cancer is turning out to be one of the major killer diseases in Goa. The disease has consistently been claiming over 900 lives every year for the last three years.
In the year 2016, a total of 922 people died due to different types of cancer out of which 490 were males and 432 females. The figures for 2015 were slightly different, as 915 deaths were reported due to the disease of which 443 were males and 472 were females. In 2014, the figure was above 900.
Over 320 of the victims of the deadly disease in 2016 were in the age group of 70 and above, while 550 patients who died were of age ranging between 35 and 69. The medical fraternity considers this as young-age group.
As per the annual report on registration of births and deaths provided by the government, deaths caused due to malignant neoplasms of bone, mesothelial (lining cells) and soft tissue, skin and breast in 2016 were 88; 81 patients were females and seven were males. Of the total female victims, 76 fell victim to breast cancer alone. The cancer of lip, oral cavity and pharynx claimed lives of 123 people, of which 86 were males and 37 females.
Besides, 286 people died due to cancer of digestive organs, of which 179 were males and 107 females. Seventy people died due to cancer of stomach and 67 others died due to cancer of liver and intra-hepatic bile ducts.
A total of 100 people died due to cancer of respiratory and intra-thoracic organs of which 79 died due to cancer of trachea, bronchus and lungs while others died due to cancer of larynx.
Deaths caused due to cancer of genitourinary organs have been pegged at 161 out of which 51 deaths were due to cancer of ovaries, while cancer of cervix uteri claimed 25 lives.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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