CCP budget meeting: oppn councillors to corner Mayoral candidate

PANAJI: The budget meeting of the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP), which is scheduled on February 16, could prove embarrassing for Uday Madkaikar, who is fast emerging as the candidate of the Atanasio ‘Babush’ Monserrate panel ruling the city civic body for the post of the Mayor, as the opposition councillors at the CCP are planning to raise the issue of an illegal building located at Bhatlem allegedly belonging to him, during the meeting.
Monserrate has already stated that he proposes to change the sitting city Mayor Surendra Furtado, and field another councillor from his panel at the March 14 election, for the post of the city Mayor.
The particular 4-storey building already has people staying in its apartments; however limited number of flats have been provided occupancy certificate by the CCP thus making the rest of the residences illegal.
Sources in CCP informed that the Planning and Development Authority (PDA) issues a completion certificate to any new premises, after which the municipal body issues it occupancy certificate, following which the house tax is generated for the premises. “As per our records, there is no house tax coming from many flats in this building since 2012,” they maintained.
According to information, some of the shops and flats in the particular building received occupancy certificate from the then CCP Commissioner Melvyn Vaz, in 2012, up to the third floor. However, many other flats, including those constructed on the fourth floor have no occupancy certificate.
Interestingly, Vaz had issued individual letters to some of the residents of the flats without occupancy certificates, stating that these letters could be treated as occupancy certificates “for being produced to the bank from whom they have availed loan facility for purchasing the above said flat.”
The sources in the CCP further maintained that the Corporation came to know about these letters issued by Vaz, only when some of these residents, after availing loan from the bank, approached the CCP seeking clearance for water and electricity connection. “The CCP, in the absence of proper occupancy certificates with these residents, refused water and electrical connections to them,” the sources noted.
It is also to be noted that the file related to the particular building is missing from the CCP headquarters, as also no related documents are found in the possession of PDA.
Furthermore, it has been found that more illegal rooms have come up on the terrace of this building, over the years, which are rented by the owner of the premises.
The people with no occupancy certificate, residing in the building have managed to get illegal water and power connections, after failing to get them through the CCP.
It is also to be noted that a mundkarial case related to this building is presently before the Deputy Commissioner of the CCP. However, the Deputy Commissioner, for some unknown reason, has failed to give a date for the hearing of this case, since its admission.
Incidentally, in the year 2011, the police had registered a case against Madkaikar for cheating a shop owner by first taking money from him for allotting a shop in the Panaji municipal market and then giving the shop away to another person.
Presently, Madkaikar is the chairman of the market committee of the city corporation.
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