City fish vendors bombarded with safety queries



Even as people continue
to flock to the city fish market to buy their staple food, they are cautious
while making purchases with the formalin-in-fish scare at the back of their

Despite the ban on fishing,
a variety of fish was available in the Panaji municipal fish market with fresh
fish selling like hot cakes.

While some buyers were
checking the fish by monitoring the grills, others smelt it and many bombarded
vendors with questions till they got satisfactory answer.

This shows that even
after a year, the issue of formalin-in-fish is still alive in the minds of the
consumers with most people still patronising small and fresh fish brought from
the sea.

On Wednesday, six pieces
of fresh mackerels (brought from Karwar) were selling for Rs 200 while a kg of
fresh baby mackerels was available for Rs 200.

A portion of fresh mixed
fish was sold for Rs 200 as well as a kg and baby chonok and was sold for Rs
500 and 700 a kg while fresh pomfrets were sold for Rs 700 to 800 a kg.

Prawns of three
different types were available in the market and prices ranged from Rs 350 to
500 depending upon the freshness and size.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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