CM under Congress fire over Nehru remarks

Castigating Chief Minister Pramod Sawant for stating that India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru was responsible for the delay in Goa’s Liberation by 14 years, the Congress on Wednesday said that Sawant is not aware of “historical facts”.
State Congress president Girish Chodankar on Wednesday advised Sawant to read history books on Goa’s Liberation and refrain from making irrelevant statements that are far from the truth.
Addressing a press conference in Panaji, Chodankar said, “There are many books on Goa’s Liberation which are available in libraries. Some of which are written by Nehru himself, where Nehru mentions about Goa’s freedom struggle. Sawant should spend some time reading these books.”
The Goa Pradesh Congress committee chief advised Sawant not to pass on his own “irrelevant knowledge”, adding that “tomorrow Sawant may even not hold himself back from saying that Nehru is responsible for the current mining crisis and the Mhadei water dispute”.
He asked Sawant as to why it took 52 years for the RSS to accept the national flag, adding that the RSS
was mourning when India got freedom from the British on August 15, 1947.
Demanding Sawant’s resignation, Chodankar said the government has been ‘insensitive’ towards the issues raised by the Opposition.
“Sawant has lost control over his ministers and the administration. Even if you raise sensitive issues they are not ready to listen or act. We condemn the inaction of the government. If Sawant cannot handle the affairs of the state then he should immediately step down from the post,” he said.
Curtorim MLA Alexio Reginaldo Lourenco also went hammer and tongs at Sawant on the Nehru remarks, saying that they were made in a “bad taste”.
Nehru is known world over for this contribution to the Independence of India and the Liberation of Goa, he said in a press statement issued on Wednesday.
Lourenco pointed to one of Nehru’s famous quotes on protecting Goa’s identity which goes: “I have felt for a long time that Goa had a distinctive personality, and it would be a pity if anything were done to take away that personality. It may be that gradually time and other factors will bring about changes, but it is not for the government to enforce changes that will affect Goa’s personality…. Goa can develop as it likes within the framework of India and thus add to the richness of India.”
Nehru spent years in jails for seeking Independence of India, Lourenco pointed out, adding that the first prime minister of the country is “recognised internationally for his contribution to foreign policy of India and the initiatives of Non-Aligned Movement”.
“He stands tall as the builder of modern India. It was Nehru ji who after the Liberation stood for maintaining Goa’s unique identity within the Union of India,” Lourenco said.
It is the “language” of the RSS, which uses people to destroy the real secular fabric of India. The platform of Army Day used by the Chief Minister for his utterances is improper. Sawant should avoid making such statements which bring a bad name to Goa, the Congress MLA said.
“Certainly (this is) not expected from CM Dr Pramod Sawant for whom I have great regards,” Lourenco observed.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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