Conmen cheat cops with ‘lure’ of tip-offs

Believe it or not, now conman are also targeting police officials under the guise of informants claiming to provide tip-offs.
There have been many cases where several gullible people have been cheated by conmen through various online frauds. The fraudsters have also targeted police officials who themselves are or have investigated such online frauds.
A police officer on the condition of anonymity said that such incidents do occur as conmen try to take advantage of the situation knowing very well that police officers are under pressure in solving cases or busting rackets. While the conmen have not been always successful in cheating the cops, but there has been an incident wherein an officer lost few thousands of rupees.
The so-called informants do not meet their target in person but interact over the phone (number probably obtained on fake documents), and subsequently on some or the other pretext request them to deposit money in a bank account as reward towards the so-called tip-off, a police official said.
The police said that tip-offs or specific information pertaining to a crime is always welcome. However, there have been instances wherein some unknown persons claiming to be informants tried to cheat police officers under the pretext of providing tip-offs.
Being master at their art, they make the targets to believe that the information was genuine.
Recently a police officer received a phone call from an unknown mobile number claiming that he had specific information pertaining to drugs. The caller expressed his willingness to assist the police.
“Recently I received a call from an unknown number. The person on the phone claimed he had specific information pertaining to drugs consignment (in kilos) which is being transport by road to Goa. The person also provided a vehicle registration number (from outside Goa),” said an officer on condition of anonymity.
“Further the conman told me that the vehicle is few hundred kilometres away from the Goa border and that the suspects are in process of shifting the drug consignment into an another vehicle,” said the officer.
“At first it looked to be a genuine piece of information as the person on the phone was providing some interesting details. However, after some time I realised that it just a ploy by the accused person for financial gains,” said the officer.
Explaining the conman’s modus operandi, the officer informed: “I grew suspicious over the authenticity of the tip-off after the person requested that Rs 25,000 be paid to him for providing the information.”
“The conman claimed that since the suspects are in process to shift to a different vehicle he would have to follow them at least till Goa border to ascertain that they do not change the vehicle,” the officer said adding that the informant claimed that he had run out of money and requested that Rs 25,000 be deposited in an bank account number so that he can hire a vehicle to follow the suspects.
The state police officials are already under pressure of solving cases or busting rackets such as drugs, prostitution and others, claimed a police officer. In one such case the so-called informant claimed to have specific information pertaining to an arms deal in Goa.
“Owing to the work pressure, sometimes a police officer can tend to get carried away believing the piece of information is genuine, but in the end he loses his money,” the officer said, adding that in one such incident an officer ended up losing a few thousands of rupees for a tipoff.
Many police officers are aware of such modus operandi and they don’t fall prey to their tactics, said another officer. There are many conmen who try to mislead the police by claiming to have information about drugs, arms deal and to other criminal activities.
“They try to make you believe the information is genuine but mostly give themselves away when they make request for money under one pretext or the other. There are also other ways we try to check the genuineness of the information,” the officer said.
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