COP for sand mining in Mandovi


The Captain of Ports has recommended sand mining in the river Mandovi following a survey on the depth of the river completed recently.
The survey results reveal the existence of sandbars in nearly all the clusters in the river where sand mining is permitted.
A senior official of the department said on Monday that the government can consider sand mining wherever sandbars exist.
“In some clusters the depth of the river is hardly two metres which makes sand extraction feasible…,” said the official.
The survey report has been submitted to the department of mines, he added.
The Mandovi has approximately eight clusters of sand mining and accounts for the highest number to permits given to extractors.
The COP conducted the survey for the full length of the river extending from Miramar to Usgaon bridge.
The government had earlier identified over 20 clusters (both riverine and estuarine) in the state for sand mining.
The High Court of Bombay at Goa had ordered a study on the depth of the riverbed in each cluster before permits are renewed by the mines department.
The directive had come in the light of a petition by the Federation of Rainbow Warriors, which alleged irregularities in granting extraction permits.
The NGO had petitioned that strict compliances of environmental clearances and other guidelines are needed before renewing sand mining permits.
Though the sand extraction season in the state started from October 1 and extractors have applied for sand extraction permit, the mines department has not yet issued or renewed any permit as the matter is in the High Court.
The study on depth of the riverbed was one of the conditions laid down by the court to the mining department.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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