Don’t  speak out against govt, BJP stalwarts tell ruling MLAs

PANAJI: Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leaders in the state have urged the BJP MLAs from Goa as well as the legislators of the coalition parties to exercise restraint and refrain from making negative statements against the state administration as that may make Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who is in New York for advance treatment, restive and annoyed.
Expressing dissatisfaction over the way some of the BJP MLAs as well as the members of the coalition parties supporting the Manohar Parrikar-led government are expressing doubts at the present administration in Goa, former chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar on Monday said that everyone should follow the administrative mechanism created by Parrikar before his departure to US for treatment, and stop being negatively vocal.
Speaking to ‘The Navhind Times’, Parsekar, who is a senior state leader of the BJP, said that although many people asked him to react on the present political situation in the state in the capacity of the former chief minister, he thought it was not a right time to do so and hence unfair to react.
“This is a peculiar situation wherein the Chief Minister of the state had to leave the country for his advanced treatment and had to create a special administrative mechanism to function in his absence,” Parsekar added, pointing out that under such a situation, the least one would expect from the MLAs of the Chief Minister’s own party, who have worked with him for the past one year of the government, is to support him in every way. “We would have understood if the Opposition parties had done it,” he observed, noting that own people of the party doing such a thing is simply uncalled for.
The former speaker of the state legislative assembly and another senior state leader of BJP Rajendra Arlekar said that whatever is happening is in bad taste.
“I am greatly disturbed by the proceedings during the past few days and feel that the administration should proceed as per the arrangement made by the Chief Minister,” he added.
“I also feel that our MLAs should be a little patient and impose some restrictions on themselves, which will do good for all including Parrikar,” Arlekar opined maintaining that if his party MLAs have any problem in running the government then they should turn to the party leaders to discuss these problems, and further find solutions to them through deliberations.
One of the BJP MLAs Nilesh Cabral had recently stated that today Goa has practically no government.
“The CM is not here to take cabinet meetings, and he has given some powers to the three. Who will chair the meeting? This has become confusing. I do not find any solution to this,” he had added.
On the other hand, another BJP legislator and Deputy Speaker Michael Lobo has been vocal against the government on the mining issue and had stated that the BJP leaders like Nitin Gadkari who had come down to Goa after the assembly elections should now visit the state and assure the people that there is a plan to solve the mining problem.
Parsekar said the way some of the individuals in his party are creating issues and making statements on them should not have happened. “The way they are reacting, and uttering comments after comments is just not done,” he mentioned, pointing out that this is the time when the Chief Minister undergoing treatment in the US should have been kept free from all worries, through smooth functioning of the ‘three-member committee’ mechanism he has created.
Arlekar also stated that as per his observation, the temporary arrangement made by the Chief Minister to run the government in his absence, is perfect.
“He has equally distributed power to all coalition parties, instead of one, and just like a cabinet takes collective decisions, this three-member committee is expected to take the same,” he concluded

Source:: The Navhind Times

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