E-challan to ‘pin down’ repeat traffic offenders


Habitual traffic offenders will have to mend their ways as the Goa police are poised to push vigorously on implementing the e-challan system, which will help traffic cops identify the repeat traffic offenders.
The repeat traffic offenders will have to face the enhanced penalties as per traffic rules.
Explaining the new initiative, Director General of Police Dr Muktesh Chander said, “With the help of e-challan, the data on traffic offenders will be available at one click. It will be easier to identify the repeat traffic offenders. While issuing a challan to a traffic rule violator, we can go through his history of traffic violations.”
The home department has granted sanction to the Goa police for strengthening the e-challan system, which has been used by RTOs since August this year.
The police will implement the system within a month using 400 e-challan machines.
“There is an enhanced penalty for the repeat offence… accordingly the challans will be issued,” Chander said adding that the data on the past traffic violations will have to be fed into the system manually.
In due course of time the police will stop manual challan system, he said extolling the benefits of the e-challan system like better data management.
Speaking on drunken driving, the DGP said, “If a drunk driver is arrested for the second time then the
police will push for cancellation of licence and not suspension.”
The punishment for the repeated drunk driving could be a jail imprisonment of up to two years, he said.
The e-challan system can help the police make an assessment of drivers.
The DGP said that based on prosecution details, they can identify good or a bid driver.
Chander suggested that the third-party insurance premium should be levied on the driver/rider instead of on the vehicle, and that insurance companies should charge less for a good rider/driver and more for a bad rider/driver.
“If they (insurance companies) need we can provide them the data pertaining to traffic violators… A bad driver/rider is more likely to get involved in an accident,” he said.
On traffic offences, the DGP said that this year till September, the police have issued around 5.72 lakh challans to traffic violators.
Based on the traffic violations reported by traffic sentinels the police have issued around 1 lakh challans so far.
The traffic sentinel scheme was launched in November last year and it has around 2826 members.
A total of Rs 11.92 lakh have been disbursed to traffic sentinels as reward while another Rs 26.23 lakh will be disbursed in the coming days.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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