Eight quarantined in SDH – Ponda as high risk people

over 110 home quarantined in Ponda so far


With three COVID 19 positive cases in Goa, Sub District Hospital at Ponda has quarantine around eight people, who are said to be relatives of the one of the person who has been tested positive.

According to sources one person among the three positive cases in state had allegedly visited his relatives and based on that history all eight people from that family have been quarantine as high risk people.

According to SDH Ponda official it has facility to quarantine around 10 people at present. And considering the chances of increasing number of cases, health department have started gearing up health centres across Ponda to quarantine high risk people. Health department has also contacted few private hospitals in Ponda for the same, which has better facility to isolate suspects of corona.

Meanwhile soruces from health department has also informed that over 110 people have been “home quarantine” since past 15 days in Ponda. Most of them are foreign return and people who are migrated from other states. “Health officials are daily monitoring the situation of the people who are home quarantined and also are stamping those were not stamped previously” sources said.
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