Ex PWD EE to scrutinize water supply schemes, recommend changes


The government has engaged K R Shrikant, the former executive engineer with the public works department as a consultant for going through all the existing water supply schemes and presenting reports with recommendations so as to find solutions to the problems related to water supply, up till the tail end.
The state cabinet on Wednesday gave this six-month appointment its post facto approval, so as to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of Shrikant in the area of water supply.
Coming out with this information, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said that every day the department has been pumping around 500 MLD of water, which is theoretically one and a half times the actual potable water requirement of the state. “There are many areas, which are getting almost 24 hour water supply but still many-a-times tail end consumers suffer,” he added, pointing out that the inefficiency and the bottlenecks in the water distribution network and not the quantity of water available, is actually causing the problems.
“Shrikant will examine all these aspects so that the government can work out solutions for the tail end problems faced in the supply of potable water, as well as undertake improvements in the water treatment plants, including availability of electricity to them,” Parrikar maintained, observing that the engineer has started studying the problems since last month, and already presented details about the Assanora water treatment plant with recommendations.
Stating that the particular decision of the government will come out with a well-planned exercise in the field of water supply, the Chief Minister said that the reports would be studied by the public works department and the process as regards the implementation of the recommendations would begin after next three to four months.
He also mentioned that water leakage forms one of the main problems in the supply of water, and even this aspect would be included in the study.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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