Few takers as CCP fails to properly market compost

Panaji: The Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) has failed to put in adequate efforts to popularise the use of compost as manure which is produced at its organic waste management facility behind the Heera petrol pump in the city.

Hundreds of crates of compost stacked up at the treatment
plant may give one a wrong picture that there are many takers for the manure.
But this compost has few buyers not because of its quality which is very good
but due to the lack of awareness among the people and also poor marketing and
supply strategies.

The compost meets the quality specifications laid down by
the Fertiliser Control Order (FCO), but CCP has not made vigorous efforts to
market its ‘very good quality’ compost as it has not developed dealer channels
to reach out to the farming community, gardeners, plant nurseries as well as
encourage more communities in the city to switch over to use of organic

The CCP has also not made the use of social media to
reach out to prospective buyers in the city and its outskirts.

Due to lack of a proper channel for marketing and
distribution, the compost is being sold off at throwaway prices. The CCP needs
to set up a proper channel of marketing and then distribute the compost to
potential customers.

“We are forced to sell our compost at Rs 2-4 a kg and
sometimes even free of cost because there are no takers. The same quality
compost in a retail store is available at Rs 20-40 a kg. There was not much of
awareness made among people about the compost and its quality,” an official
from CCP said.

As a result there are hundreds of boxes filled with
compost that have remained unsold as there are no takers due to lack of
awareness among the


The facility has a sieving machine with vibratory motor
to segregate waste and wet waste is then kept for weeks for bacterial
conversion of the organic matter present in waste in the presence of air under
hot and moist conditions which is called composting, and the final product
obtained after bacterial activity is called compost, which has a very high
agricultural value.

Meanwhile, sources in the agriculture department
disclosed that the compost is not purchased by the department instead farmers
are encouraged to make their own compost.

Presently, the agriculture department has a scheme for
supply of fertilisers and there is no scheme for supply of compost.

An official said that they are unaware of the compost
facility run by CCP and arrangements to receive the compost from the unit can
be easily worked out.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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