Financial powers delegated to govt school principals, headmasters renewed


The department of education has issued an order as regards delegation of financial powers to principals of all government higher secondary schools and government technical high school centres as well as headmasters/ headmistresses of all government high schools by declaring them ‘Head of Offices’ for the respective institution.
The director of education G P Bhat, who has issued the order, stated that earlier, these financial powers existed among these ‘Head of Offices’. “However, the term of these powers had expired and the department had to renew the same,” he added.
As per the Goa Delegation of Financial Powers Rules, 2008, these ‘Head of Offices’ are delegated with financial powers pertaining to charges for electricity, gas fuel, lubrication and water; conveyance hire and reimbursement of hire charges; maintenance and service contract in respect of machinery and equipment, with terms and conditions of contract to be vetted by the law department; and municipal rate and taxes.
The financial powers are also linked to office consumer items required for working of an establishment including house-keeping objects like linen, detergents, deodorisers, floor mats, flower pots, etc; office furniture and fixtures (purchase/ upkeep/ repairs/ hire); postage, telegraph and telephone charges (including reimbursement of telephone charges to entitled officers); and printing/ binding and stationery (through director of printing and stationery, or procured from open market with NOC from that office).
Furthermore, these ‘Head of Offices’ will have financial powers towards stores for petty works and those required for working of an establishment including livestock, fish, seeds, plants, feeds, fertilizers, manures, pesticides for approval animal husbandry, agricultural, fisheries and forest schemes, sports material, apparatus instruments (purchase/ upkeep/ repairs) and consumables relevant for each department by excluding items classified under ‘Machinery and equipment’, ‘works’, ‘tools’ and ‘plant’.
These financial powers are also extended for purchase of training equipment including teaching aids needed by training wings/ institutes; and uniforms and related items to entitled classes of employees.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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