Fisheries dept distances itself from ‘fishy business’


The fisheries department on Monday clarified that it is not concerned with exports or imports of fish in the state.
Fish is imported round the year in Goa to meet demands. But shockingly the department, which spends crores of rupees from the public exchequer to provide fuel subsidy to local trawler owners, are not keeping data as regards quantity of fish that is exported by them from Goa to other states.
The department even does not have control on the export of fish by trawler owners, which deprives Goans of fish caught off Goa coast.
“We are only here for the welfare of fishermen. We only keep the data of the fish which is caught and brought onto the jetties. Where the fish is taken from the jetties is not our concern,” an officer of the department said emphatically.
Interestingly, the department even does not keep records of the quantity of fish that are transported in the three insulated trucks which were launched under the ‘Blue Revolution’ scheme by Fisheries Minister Vinod Palyekar on July 26, 2017.
On the day of the launch the then director of the department Dr Shamila Monteiro had said the trucks were to be utilised for
transporting fish within the state and also to the neighbouring states.
She had assured that the department would monitor exports to ensure that Goans get required quantity of fish.
“The ownership of the trucks is with individuals, basically the beneficiaries of the scheme. We just helped them in availing the subsidy,” the official said.
Distancing itself from the formalin row, the department said the quality check of the fish arriving in the state or being supplied in local markets solely rests with the directorate of food drugs and administration.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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