Girish says BJP wants to crush Opposition



Goa pradesh Congress president Girish Chodankar on Monday
said the BJP has been eyeing Opposition MLAs as it is not confident of getting
the majority mark of 21 MLAs during the next state assembly elections.

He was reacting to the statement made by former state BJP
president Vinay Tendulkar, who on Sunday revealed that he had plans to poach
three more Opposition MLAs.

“With the current 27 MLAs on their side, the saffron
party is not confident of crossing the 21-seat mark in the next assembly
elections. Tendulkar’s comment clearly indicates that the BJP is scared of
people. The BJP now knows that votes will not be polled in their favour,”
Chodankar told ‘The Navhind Times’.

At the meeting of BJP’s newly-elected office-bearers,
Tendulkar said that he had made all arrangements for the entry of three more
Opposition legislators into

the BJP, but refrained from doing so fearing backlash
from the public as well as party workers.

The Congress president charged that the BJP wants to
crush the Opposition and to remain in power by using “immoral means”.

“At the meeting, every BJP leader was seen explaining how
they moved their tally from 13 to 27.
Now they want to take it further to 30 by poaching the Opposition MLAs.
This again proves that they are away from the people. They have lost the trust
of the people. Hence they are using money to buy the elected representatives,”
Chodankar maintained.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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