Govt not inclined towards closing its schools: Sawant

Panaji: Stating that the government is not inclined
towards closing its schools, the Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant, on Monday, said
that there is, however, dearth of teachers in schools, especially, in
government primary schools.

“We have finalised 182 primary teachers, however, the
related file has gone to various departments for roster management, as regards
reservation quota pertaining to ex-servicemen, freedom fighters, sports and
Scheduled Tribes,” he added, pointing out that there has been 20 to 25 days’
delay in the recruitment process of these 182 teachers, but the same would now
be done within next 8 days.

Speaking further, Sawant, who also holds the education
portfolio said that once these 182 teachers are recruited, the promotion of
primary teachers to secondary level, and secondary teachers to higher secondary
level would commence, thus solving the problem of scarcity of teachers in the
secondary as well as higher secondary schools.

The Chief Minister also informed that the government
provides two teachers, if there are 22 students or above in a school.

“In addition, the para teachers as well as English
subject teachers are recruited in the schools,” he stated, adding that these
teachers visit the schools on only 3 days of the week.

Sawant informed that in a Velguem-based school, there
were five students and six teachers, and these teachers were opposing closure
of the school.

“Finally, we had to merge this school in another nearby
school,” he recalled.

Earlier, the independent MLA from Sanguem, Prasad Gaonkar
informed that there is shortage of teachers in government primary schools,
government middle schools, government high schools, and government higher
secondary schools in his constituency.

Meanwhile, in a written reply, the Chief Minister stated
that so far no government primary school has been closed down during this
academic year.

“Instructions are given to all Assistant District
Educational Inspectors (ADEIs), and zonal officers, time and again to ensure
increase in enrolment, in these schools,” the written reply added, pointing out
that the government has taken measures to improve infrastructure of schools
through the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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