Gusty winds bring down trees in Sattari

VALPOI: Heavy showers accompanied by gusty winds on Wednesday evening left a trail of damage in Sattari.
The stormy weather kept the fire and emergency services along with electricity department personnel on their toes largely responding to incidents of fallen trees. On the main roads, branches came down leading to blocking of roads and disruption of traffic movement for several hours.
Areas behind Central Bank and at Hathwada in ward 7, a jackfruit tree and a mango tree came crashing down on overhead electricity lines. In Nanus, roof sheets of a house belonging to Rashid Khan were blown off, resulting in the owner suffering heavy damage to the house, while at another spot in the same village, a tree branch crashed on a car parked by the roadside.
In other areas like Barazan, Damshe, trees collapsed on roads and electricity lines. Losses incurred were reportedly to the tune of lakhs of rupees. According to Valpoi fire station official, nearly 31 calls were attended to wherein many were regarding uprooting of trees. “We cannot ascertain exact amount of damage caused but losses will be in lakhs of rupees,” said an official.
With a large number of trees and branches crashing down in municipal areas of Valpoi and in neighbouring villages, the entire taluka was without electricity.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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