Indefinite wait for beef traders as no date fixed for meat complex operations

PANAJI: Beef traders in the state, who were happy with a favourable order from the High Court of Bombay at Goa, which had allowed resumption of slaughtering of animals at the Goa Meat Complex, Usgao, may have to wait for an indefinite period of time, as the Complex has not announced any date for the start of operations.
On Thursday, Rajendra Prabhugaonkar, managing director, Goa Meat Complex, said that restarting of the Complex is “under consideration” and would only be possible after getting approval from the board.
He said that a board of directors’ meeting will be called to discuss the issue of approval. “Date of the board meeting has not been decided, as notice of at least 14 days has to be given to members. We have to ascertain whether the chairman and directors are free to attend,” said Prabhugaonkar.
Meanwhile, the Qureshi Meat Traders Association said that the association has written to the meat complex informing it about members bringing animals for slaughtering after the favourable ruling by the court.
Bepari said that members are waiting for the meat complex to reopen. He added that the government-owned slaughterhouse would need manpower, chilling room and other infrastructure to become functional after remaining closed for many months.
Meat traders had filed a petition in the High Court asking for the Goa Meat Complex to be made operational again, as they had the requisite licences and clearances for slaughtering of animals. They said that closure of the Complex affected their livelihood and fundamental right to conduct trade.
The court, while ruling in favour of the meat traders, observed that they had no other place to carry out their occupation, as the Complex was the designated place for it.
Censuring the government and the meat complex authorities for not renewing the licences on time, the court ordered expeditious reopening of the Complex.
The meat traders association had filed the writ petition against the state and the Complex authorities.
Since 2017, Goa Meat Complex has remained closed for a longer period than it has been open. Operations in the Complex stopped from October 1, 2017 onwards and opened in 2018 for a brief period due to Eid celebrations before being shut down again.
Thanks to the closure, meat traders lost their only source of livelihood, observed the High Court, which gave its ruling on February 18, 2019.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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