Lax security measures at Margao rail station ‘facilitate’ easy access

Roque Dias | NT

Margao: The Margao railway station, which is one of the
busiest stations in Goa, is allegedly quite porous with the metal detectors
being out of order and no manual checking done. Miscreants can easily enter or
exit from five openings to the railway station even without a platform ticket,
it is said.

Margao railway station areas are wide open for anybody
and everybody to enter and to exist. There is no security check with metal
detectors being non-functional and no manual checking done at the busiest
railway station.

There are at least five wide and direct openings to enter
the railway station. While one is on the Aquem-Margao side, four others are on
the main railway station side towards platform one.

Also, a glowing light of the detector indicates one to
‘walk’ but when one does, it does not respond.

The openings were many times also used by robbers and
anti-socials to pass through and board trains without much ado. There are
police reports to support it.

Sources said that a couple of the openings are purposely
made to illegally transport liquor in trains that run in the wee hours.

According to passengers, KRC policeman comes at the
platform minutes before the train arrives takes a round and after checking a
few bags disappears.

“Even terrorists can easily enter the station as there is
no security check. There are many openings here which can be easily misused.
Police doing duties are also not bothered to thoroughly check what comes in and
what goes out. KRC officials should not take the safety of thousands of
visitors at the station for granted. I strongly demand that senior KRC
officials act in the interest of the passengers. I will be writing to the KRC
regional officials,” said Aquem-Baixo sarpanch Siddesh Bhagat.

Bhagat has made a video and circulated it on WhatsApp
bringing to light the dangers posed to passengers due to the unchecked entry.
But the KRC officials denied to the allegations that openings are being

An official, on condition of anonymity, maintained that
the KRC police are properly checking the passengers as well as the luggage.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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