Let House decide the fate of RP 2021: Vijai

PANAJI: Town and Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardesai on Wednesday said that the fate of the Regional Plan 2021, which has been currently revived, should be decided in the state assembly, as the decision to operationalise the land use plan was taken after the representatives of the people had demanded so on the floor of the House.
Sardesai said that the town and country planning board on Wednesday discussed all issues that are presently in the public domain, including the decision to put into operation the Regional Plan 2021.
“It has been clearly explained and held by the board that this decision was taken after a demand emanated in the state assembly from the representatives of the people that the land use plan, which is notified, has to be operationalised,” he said. “Since the demand to operationalise the regional plan came from the members of the legislative assembly, the best possible forum to discuss on the fate of RP 2021 is the House and we should wait till then,” Sardesai said.
The TCP Minister further said that in recent times, nothing has gained more attention than the controversy that surrounds the RP 2021 and he wants to take this opportunity to reiterate some points and also clarify a few.
“First of all, with all humility, let me assure you that I have approached the issue of RP 2021 with an objectivity few others will have. And I can, fundamentally because I have no stake in it. I had no part in its creation, in its planning or in its notification. My involvement is purely in the capacity of a cabinet minister of the day in charge of TCP, duty-bound, without fear or favour, to implement what’s best for the people and the state of Goa, as decided after due deliberations with the people through their representatives. The representatives of the people had demanded on the floor of the House that RP 2021 be operationalised after which a decision was taken,” he said.
Sardesai further said that this was opposed by a section of the people which had led to protests on the streets and as a representative of the people, he does not need to be reminded of the importance of listening to the voice of the people.
“The assembly is the right forum not only because it’s appropriate but also where the voice of the people is clearly and most powerfully heard. Let me also remind the people that they should put across their grievances to their representatives more vividly and forcefully so that they can put forward their arguments in the House that would clinch a favourable outcome,” he said.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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