Limited or no groceries in Taleigao, Caranzalem


There was limited groceries or no supply available for the people of Taleigao, Caranzalem, St. Cruz and Chimbel on the second day of lockdown which were sold at exorbitant price however the district administration advised people to eat less and divide food items for next few days until regular supply resumes.

The residents were complaining about about some selling at rates exceeding the maximum retail price (MRP) or simply overcharging several times to cash in on the surge in demand due to the Covid-19 scare.

But there is no helpline made available for the people to complain about the sudden price hike of commodities and to ensure supply at MRP.

Also there is a large backlog pending for the supply of essential items and supermarket who are permitted to supply food items are struggling to make home delivery with limited stock and could not accept fresh order.

Most of the residents of Taleigao, Caranzalem, St Cruz and Chimbel didn’t get any food supplies as promised by state government over regular supply of essential items during lockdown.

Several food items too have seen a huge price jump following a rush to stock up to beat the lockdown.

With district administartion giving permission to only supermarkets to make home delivery, the small shopkeepers were selling food items clandestinely by taking orders inside closed shutters and buyers giving a list of items by putting a slip inside the down shutter.

Taking advantage of the situation few shopkeepers were stocking and selling food items from their homes or godown at exorbitant prices with no control over the pricing.

The price hike has affected the working class people who are jobless following 21 days lockdown.

As there is shortage of stock a kilo of onion was sold three times more than the market price at Rs 150 while tomatoes were sold for Rs 60 and daal was sold for Rs 250 a kilo. A white peas was sold for Rs 150 a kilo.

The public are demanding strict action from the state government and civil supplies department against this illegal price hike.
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