Lobo: continue manual process until online system ‘falls in place’


As there has been no relief from error woes of new online system for registration of property documents in sub-registrar offices in the state, Calangute MLA and Deputy Speaker of Goa Legislative Assembly on Thursday demanded that the government should continue with manual procedure for registration of sale deeds and other property documents till the online system ‘falls in place’.
The two-time BJP legislator told the media that the people have been complaining about the new software used by the state registrar offices for registration of property documents as it shows errors while uploading documents online.
“I have also encountered the same problem and there is no alternative kept to register property documents such as sale deed by the government. Earlier, each sub-registrar office used to register 10 to 20 applications a day. Now, due to errors during online registration, one or two applications can be processed a day,” he said.
“It is a new system, hence, the errors could be appearing. But, while installing the new software, the department should continue with manual procedure which was there earlier,” Lobo
A resident from Ponda also told this daily that even after requests on various occasions, there has been no improvement in online registration system at sub-registrar offices.
When asked, the Minister for Law and Judiciary Nilesh Cabral said that the government cannot continue with old manual system for registration of property documents while shifting to online service.
“If we continue with the old manual system, there could be problem in installing the new software. So my appeal to the people is to have patience for few days. Since it is a new system, there could be some teething problems, but after couple of months the process will be smooth,” he added.
Cabral also said that if anybody has such problem while doing online registration of property documents, they can send a SMS to him on his personal mobile number, which will be forwarded to concerned official and it will get sorted out.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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