Many frequent Benaulim beach to buy fresh fish


Of late the visitors to the popular Benaulim beach have increased. And, it is because of the fish being sold there by the ramponkars.
Every day, the traditional fishermen, who venturing into the sea, often return with a bountiful catch.
The locals are still shying away from buying the fish that is made available at the SGPDA market or from the retailers at the local markets even though the formalin issue is now over one and half month-old.
Many people prefer to buy the fish caught by the local fishermen, whose catch is often sold on the beach itself.
Whether it is early morning or late evening, fishermen are seen selling mackerels, sardines, milk fish, sole fish, pomfrets, squids and other smaller variety of fish, straight from the fishing nets, not having to worry about the use of formalin.
“Ever since the formalin issue has come to light, we have been slightly worried about the fish that is coming to the state. Here at the beach, we can see for ourselves the fish being removed from the nets that are pulled from the sea. There is no possibility of the use of formalin in this fish and it is extremely fresh,” said a woman from Benaulim.
Ramponkars venture into the sea as early as 3 am and start returning by 8 am. Once the catch is brought to the shore, workers remove the fish from the nets and is made available to the locals, who buy as much they desire.
The fish that isn’t sold on the beach is either taken to the local markets for sale or sent for drying.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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