Mhadei dispute: counsel reiterates Goa’s water needs

SANKHALI: Despite being Sunday, the Mhadei Water Disputes Tribunal heard the arguments made by the parties the whole day. Goa counsel Atmaram Nadkarni answered all the queries put forth by the Tribunal. He explained to the Tribunal as to the correction of data from float to current meter. He further pointed out to the Tribunal the requirement of Goa’s need in the basin.
Nadkarni further demonstrated before the Tribunal as to how the reports prepared by the CWC and Gosain were faulty and ought to be rejected.
Nadkarni thereafter relied upon various judgments of the Supreme Court which have clearly held that sustainable development is the mantra and the party who wants to do the development has to satisfy the court that the development will be benign and will not cause any harm to the environment. He further demonstrated to the Tribunal that the state of Karnataka has failed to prove this aspect or even lead any remote evidence to this aspect.
Upon conclusion of the submissions with respect to the queries raised by the Tribunal, it called upon Nargolkar, the advocate appearing for the state of Maharashtra to make his submissions in the matter.
Nargolkar at the outset submitted that he cannot go by the stand taken by the state of Karnataka and that only if prejudice is proved only then the Tribunal gets jurisdiction, to which he submitted that the Tribunal has complete jurisdiction in the matter and that all issues raised by the parties had to be decided by the Tribunal.
Furthermore, he submitted that the jurisdiction of the Tribunal is not circumscribed by the complaint letter and that it has to decide the issue to do justice between the parties and take over all material and evidence lead by the parties into consideration.
He further submitted that the state of Karnataka as well as state of Maharashtra has to make out its needs and only then the water can be allocated to them.
The hearing will continue on Monday morning, and counsel of state of Maharashtra will complete his arguments.
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