Migrants keep police on toes at Margao’s KR station



Over two thousand migrants from various parts of South Goa who were waiting, in queues, to board Shramik Express train to Uttar Pradesh on either side of Konkan Railway station in Margao from Thursday morning had to face disappointment as there was no train scheduled for the state.

South Goa Superintendent of police Arvind Gawas, and newly promoted SP Serafin Dias besides other police officers were at the venue to maintain the law and order.

Police had a tough time in controlling the migrants. From the main road some of the migrants rushed towards the entry point of the KR station but were stopped by policemen on duty.

The police personnel made the migrants to sit in shadow with their children and bags along with road side, and the situation was thus brought under control.

The police said that no untoward incident was reported and situation was peaceful.

Assistant sub-inspector on duty while speaking to this daily said that on Wednesday it was announced that there would be Sharmik Express train for Uttar Pradesh from Margao, however, no train left to Uttar Pradesh till evening.

He said that only one Sharmik Express train departed for Assam from Margao railway station in afternoon.

Number of migrants started increasing by afternoon, and over 2,000 migrants tried to enter the station from the either side, however, a strong police force deployed here refused them entry which resulted in exchange of words between police and migrants at few places.

“Over two thousands migrant workers, some of them with their small children were in queues to board Shramik Express train to Uttar Pradesh on Thursday morning on either side of KR station, Margao, however, there was no Sharmik Express train for Uttar Pradesh,” said a senior police officer of Margao police station.

The SP Dias, speaking to this daily, said that a large number of migrants were in queues on either side of Konkan railway station, Margao, hoping to board Shramik Express train to Uttar Pradesh, however, there was no such train.”

“Police managed to keep the migrants under control and did not allow them to enter the station. Situation was controlled properly and no untoward incident was reported,” he said

According to sources by evening several of the migrants were sent to shelter home at Navelim.
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