MMC disconnects water supply to Sulabh toilet

MARGAO: The chairperson of Margao Municipal Council Dr Babita Prabhudesai, on Friday, said that taking cognizance of the news reports and the complaints on the contamination of the age-old well located in the municipal garden, the municipality has disconnected the water connection provided to the Sulabh toilet in the garden, the possible source of contamination.
The MMC also asked the Urban Health Centre to check the contaminated well water, besides deciding to get it tasted at a private laboratory.
It may be recalled that two days back, ‘The Navhind Times’ had highlighted how the age old municipal garden well is neglected by the civic body, and so is polluted. It was exposed how the water from this well was pumped out for gardening purpose, but the civic body never thought of maintaining it. The well, as per the source, is contaminated due to Sulabh toilet’s discharge.
“We have disconnected the water connection of this Sulabh toilet. This is because, we thought the Sulabh toilet is possible polluter. We have asked the health centre to check the well water. We will also decide to send the polluted water for testing to a private lab,” said Prabhudesai.
She added that the health centre officials visited the garden and inspected the well. “They put bleaching powder into the well today (on Friday). The water samples will be collected after two days for tasting,” she informed.
“I checked. The well is polluted. The water is contaminated. Therefore, we immediately disconnected the water connection of the Sulabh toilet. We know it would cause inconvenience to the general public, but then, we cannot ignore the contamination of the well,” the chairperson said even as the Sulabh Souchalaya in-charge met her seeking reconnection of the water pipeline. She said that she has given the deadline for him to connect the Sulabh toilets to the sewerage network by January end and to all the 27 other Sulabh toilets in the MMC area to get compulsorily connected to sewerage network before February 1.

Source:: The Navhind Times

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